My new website is live!

Greetings! I have finally refreshed my website. Friend and author John Everson was a huge help. He patiently tutored me on WordPress, took the reins to get it started and troubleshooted when I made a mess. I am in deep gratitude.

For those who remember the old version of this website, I apologize. It was clumsily assembled on an old software platform, Microsoft Expression, that was discontinued in 2012 yet still in use by yours truly until mid-2023. In recent years, I had to bring up my old computer from the basement and plug it into the internet to make revisions.

Needless to say, this new site will be much faster and easier to update. It will also be fun. I hope you enjoy exploring all the nooks and crannies. Admittedly, some of it has developed into a personal scrapbook. But I’m glad you can find all my books in one place and maybe discover a few you may have missed.

And if you see something broken on this site, please alert me. I might even know how to fix it.

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