Just a second. That was all it took.

In that second, Anita Sherwood saw the face of a young boy in the window of a passing bus…and knew it was her son. The son who had been kidnapped two years before. The son who had never been found and was declared legally dead.

But her son was alive. Anita knew it in her heart.

She was certain the boy was her son, but how could she get anyone to believe her? She’d given the police leads before that ended up going nowhere, so they weren’t exactly eager to waste time chasing another dead end on a dead case.

It was going to be up to Anita to uncover the truth. She would stop at nothing to get her son back.

Dorchester Publishing/Leisure Books (2004)

Crossroad Press (2017)

Available in Paperback, Ebook and Audiobook

Also available from: Apple Books, Google, Kobo

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original paperback


“A harrowing and frightening journey into a parent’s worst nightmare… Shocking twists and a smash-up ending make this a highly winning thriller.” 
— New Mystery Reader

“Pinkerton is a master at tightening the tension until it spills out across the page.” 
— Nate Kenyon, author of Bloodstone

“A tense pace all the way to the end.” 
— Midwest Book Review

“The book keeps you on the edge of your seat through all phases. It’s incredibly fast paced, it’s emotional, and it’s intense, and well worth the one sitting that you’ll be forced to devour it in.” 
— Joe Hempel, Top of the Heap reviews

“Pinkerton expertly builds suspense. This is the kind of novel you won’t be able to put down.” 
— Paul Dale Anderson, author of Written on the Wind, Claw Hammer, Darkness and Light


#74 on USA Today Bestseller list, June 2016

# 1 bestseller for Barnes and Noble NOOK on June 1, 2016


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