Killing The Boss

Read the evidence and experience it for yourself.

Killing the Boss is an innovative murder mystery told through its evidence and clues: employee emails, office memos, police transcripts, secret wiretaps, media reports, receipts and other diverse documents.

Join Detective Ron Hayes as he unravels the bizarre sequence of events that led to the brutal killing of a sales vice president in a downtown Chicago office building. You’ll work overtime to get to the explosive finale.

iUniverse (2000)

Available in Hardcover, Paperback and Ebook

Also available from: Waterstones, Indigo, Indie Bound, iUniverse


“Mystery lovers who fashion themselves competent sleuths in their own right will rejoice at the sight of Pinkerton’s delicious format, eschewing traditional form in exchange for a story delivered the way law enforcement officials usually digest it.” 
— The Boox Review

“You just can’t put it down… Fascinating… When you think the story has ended and you have it all figured out, keep reading, then keep reading some more.” 
— Cozies, Capers and Crimes

“This is a completely different mystery novel from an innovative new mystery author… It is a fascinating concept. And it works… a terrific adventure. RECOMMENDED.” 
— I Love a Mystery

“Get ready to solve the crime the way police detectives do–with clues gleaned from office memos, interviews with insiders who seem to have good motives for the murder, personal e-mails, tips from a curious public, and phone messages… a quick and surprisingly engaging read.”
—  Iowa Alumni Magazine

“KILLING THE BOSS is a creatively crafted and ingeniously written mystery… a suspenseful read with a satirical view of the business world… shocking and surprising plot twists… anxiously awaiting the next book from this talented writer.”

“I greatly enjoyed this book.  I found myself drawn deeper and deeper into the mystery.  I could not pass by the book without picking it up to read one more paragraph, to uncover just one more clue.”

“KILLING THE BOSS surpasses the format originated by Stephen King in THE PLANT… Decipher the clues for yourself, but be prepared for a surprise ending.”

“A fascinating idea brilliantly executed.”
—  True Tales From Scotland Yard

“FOUR STARS … KILLING THE BOSS is an exciting, fast paced narrative that will have the reader turning page after page… Watch those red herrings.  Pinkerton will catch you off guard if you are not careful.”
—  Scribes World Review

“This is a must read for armchair detectives!”
—  Robert A. Sloan, author of Raven Dance

“…a darkly comic murder mystery set deep inside the underbelly of contemporary corporate culture… fast-paced and engrossing… The tension strengthens with each page, building to an explosive finale that is full of surprises.”
—  Reader to Reader Reviews


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